Hair Length Guide

Hair Care Guide for Global Hair Exchange Hair

Care for your hair extensions as you would your own hair.  Be sure to put your hair up at night in a loose braid or ponytail, and sleep with a satin cap or scarf.  Do not go to bed with wet hair.  Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner at least once a week.


Properly brush and detangle your hair before applying shampoo.  Wash and condition your hair with G.H.E. moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.  Make sure to wash your hair in a downward motion, working the shampoo from the top (near scalp) down in one motion.  When washing your hair, do not pile the hair on top of your head, which will create tangling.  Follow with conditioner in the same manner.


Always keep your extensions tangle free.  Always brush your hair from the bottom up in small sections.  If the hair is wet use a wide tooth comb.  For wavy/curly hair textures: in the morning dampen the hair with a spray water bottle, combing from ends working way up to roots.  Style while hair is damp, allow to air dry and leave alone.  Do not comb dry curls or waves or you will disrupt the curl pattern resulting in frizzy hair.  Do not use oily or greasy products, as they can cause extreme tangling to the hair and make it appear lifeless.  G.H.E. Tropical Serum is recommended instead.  The more careful you treat your extensions, the longer they will last.



What is cuticle hair?

Cuticle hair is referred to hair that has the cuticle intact and all cuticles going in the same direction.  The cuticle provides a natural luster and sheen to the hair.  It is what prevents the hair from tangling.  Global Hair Exchange hair is full cuticle hair.

What does the term “Virgin Hair” mean?

The term virgin is used to describe hair that has never been tampered with chemically (i.e. perms, dye or bleach).  All virgin hair is not the same.  The best virgin hair is cuticle virgin hair: this is virgin hair with aligned cuticle.  There is also non cuticle virgin hair, even though it’s virgin it has not aligned cuticle so will tangle tremendously.  Global Hair Exchange virgin hair is 100% full cuticle human hair.  It is the ultimate hair for softness, luster and durability.

How is the length of the hair measured?

The hair is measured by pulling the hair straight.  For instance, if you order curly hair, the actual hair length is the length of the hair when straight.

How much hair will I need?

For a partial weave 1-2 packs is recommended.  For a full head weave 2-3 packs are recommended.  Longer & fuller styles typically require 3 packs or more.

What type of hair care products can I use?

Moisture is the most important thing.  Please do not use products for oily hair or strippers that take out chlorine or product build up, as they will leave the hair dry.  Leave in conditioners in liquid forms and G.H.E. Tropical serum are wonderful for the ends.  Oily products and pomades are not recommended as they weigh the hair down and make it too lumpy.  Use G.H.E. Finishing spray for styling protection and shine.

Can I color or perm Global Hair Exchange hair?

Yes you can color all of our hair.  We recommend doing any chemical process professionally.  Generally it is advised not to make any color changes after having your extensions applied.  Once the hair is colored it is no longer considered “virgin”, so we don’t guarantee after the hair has been treated.

Will the hair look exactly like the hair in the picture?

There might be slight variations in color and texture between the hair you receive and the photo on our site, especially with our virgin hair because they each are from a different donor.  Each pack of hair is unique and the picture is to give an idea of texture and color.

Can I swim or go in the ocean?

You may go swimming, but it is best to wash hair right after swimming.  Avoid getting hair in salt water as the salt can take all the moisture out of the hair and cause it to tangle.  Never braid your hair and go in salt water.  It is best to wear it down.  Wash and condition with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner immediately after swimming.